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    Cozy Sentiments

    I have always been a warmer weather type person, but have found over the years that Fall has really grown on me. As much as I am sad to see Summer go, I didn’t much enjoy it as it was just too hot. I wasn’t able to take the baby out for as many walks as I would have liked because of the scorching 30c+ weather and desperately wished for the cooler days to come. Now they are finally here and I am thoroughly enjoying them. I love that the hustle and bustle of Summer has come and gone and life just feels a bit slower paced and much more relaxed. Here a few of my favourite things I enjoy during Autumn!


    One of my all-time favourite candles is Leaves by Bath and Body Works. It has a strong scent of apples and cloves that just carries to every room in the house and creates the coziest environment. I get excited every year when I get to take out this candle because I know it means Fall has officially arrived. Every time I smell it, it just reminds me of chilly days walking with crunchy leaves underfoot and holding onto a hot coffee to keep my hands warm. It really doesn’t get much better than that, does it?


    I have always been a fan of flannel shirts, so I get very excited when I start seeing them pop up in store. They are such a staple piece that can be very versatile and I love tying them around my waist, paired with jeans and a basic tee. You really can’t go wrong! I still haven’t found my perfect flannel shirt yet, but it’s on my Fall bucket list!


    Just like flannels, I truly think that I can never have enough. I love everything from a simple cardigan to oversized chunky knits as they are so comfortable to throw on. Add a pair of reading socks to the mix and you have a perfect cozy night in outfit.


    I love switching up my home decor during the different seasons, Autumn and Winter being my favourites. Adding accent blankets, pillows, pumpkins, and making awesome Autumnal wreaths makes the home just feel that extra bit cozier. I have been loving turning my fireplace on in the evenings and reading a book (I’m currently reading A Stranger In The House) and I can’t imagine wanting to spend my evenings any other way. I also went flower picking recently and have the most beautiful Fall dahlias on my desk that I can’t stop staring at!

    Cooking & Baking

    There’s something about cooking and baking during Autumn that is so enjoyable. Pulling out the slow cooker and making delicious soups, stews and apple sauces is one of my favourite things to do. I also enjoy baking (though I don’t get to do it very often) because pies, tarts and other delicious treats just taste so much better during the chilly seasons.

    What are your favourite things about Autumn?